About Us

About Instant Accuracy, LLC

We here at Instant Accuracy, LLC are teachers and advocates of informed, responsible handgun use. Our goal is offer the best home-based training to the greatest number of responsible patriots. We feel that the widespread exercise of our Second Amendment Rights is crucial to the continued freedom and prosperity of this great nation, and that our Founding Fathers intended an armed citizenry to be the first and best safeguard against tyranny.

Our Purpose:

No place or time in history is immune to incursions against individual liberties, but we live in an especially turbulent period which makes it more necessary than ever for patriots to do what it takes to prepare physically and mentally to defend their rights. While we know that there is rough-going ahead, we also know that great men and women always rise to the challenge. It is our goal to be ready to equip this rising generation of patriots with the skills which will make them effective guardians of freedom.

We’ve worked with local sporting and survival enthusiasts for quite some time, but in early 2013 we decided to extend our reach and begin disseminating training information online. As we continue to develop our online resources, we hope to continue expanding our resource library and to compile the stories of our fellow Americans who commit to becoming responsibly armed citizens.

What We’re Doing To Help:

Our flagship training resource is Incredible Handgun Accuracy:From the Ground Up, a revolutionary program designed to provide professional-grade training in handgun accuracy from the comfort of your own livingroom. This program’s timely arrival will allow both new and experienced shooters to improve their accuracy by 300% or more without dipping into their ammunition reserves – or even purchasing a single round at today’s inflated prices.

By teaching you the 7 Foundations of Handgun Accuracy and guiding you through his Dry-Fire Training Program, instructor Patrick Kilchermann, former director at the United States Concealed Carry Association, will help you improve your accuracy dramatically in just 30 days. It’s the only program you’ll find out there that not only promises, but – more importantly – delivers exceptional results – or your money back!

We’ve got big plans for this site and we hope to be sharing more great self and home-defense resources very soon! Check back often and feel free to contact us via phone (616)-414-0803 or e-mail: Contact@InstantAccuracy.org

Where We’re Located:

Currently based in West-Michigan, we’ve devoted the entirety of our present resources to creating additional training materials and maintaining our online presence. So, while we aren’t equipped to train you out of our current offices, we’re always happy to receive correspondence or transact business via mail:

Instant Accuracy, LLC
P.O. Box 2677
Grand Rapids, MI 49501

Our fulfillment center – the location from which our products are shipped – is in Valparaiso, IN, so shipping estimates should be calculated with this location in mind.