Overcome The Seven Deadly Sins of Handgun Accuracy

Dear fellow handgun-owning American,

Let me ask you a question. Are you satisfied with your handgun accuracy?

If your handgun is for self-defense, would you feel confident venturing into a dark alleyway – armed with your handgun and the skills you currently possess?

Or if your handgun is a hobby… something that you do with your buddies – are you content with where you stand among them, as a marksman?

I wasn’t ready.

When is the last time you shot your handgun? Were you as accurate as you want to be? If so, how do you know that you’re STILL as accurate as you want (or need) to be?

Because you never know…

I don’t mean to bombard you with questions, but the bottom line is, I’ll bet your handgun accuracy could stand some improvement.

Because at the very least, there’s no feeling more rewarding than to set your handgun down after firing a magazine at the range, look over at your buddies, and realize that they’re staring at you in disbelief… as if to say: “Where did this guy come from?!”*

And my goal today is for you to leave here completely confident that you’re on your way to finally obtaining this critical skill – and keeping it firmly embedded in your mind and body for the rest of your life.*

Wouldn’t that be nice?

To know beyond a shadow of a doubt – whether it’s now, or tomorrow, or six years from now – that you have the ability* to get the job done with your handgun, whether you’re in the line of duty… or in a competition… or on the street with your family who depends on you for safety.

I was positive that I was going to be killed – right then and there.

I haven’t always had the handgun accuracy skills that I now have. In fact, the first time I ever picked up a handgun and tried to shoot a target that stood a measly 20 feet away… I was positive someone was playing a trick on me, and had loaded my new handgun with blank ammunition.

I had always been a great shot with a rifle – and an impressive one with a shotgun on the trap line – and I just couldn’t believe that those skills weren’t helping me out with my handgun.

I could hit a paper plate at 20 feet and I thought that was good enough. It wasn’t long after that when I first set foot on the path of becoming proficiently armed and trained… after a terrifying near-miss I’d had.

It was well into the evening – pitch black outside – when an unfamiliar car pulled into my driveway. I wasn’t expecting any visitors, so I approached the back door cautiously as I saw the car come to a stop, and its dome light illuminate as the men inside began getting out.

My heart stopped and my eyes snapped open, seemingly zooming in completely on what one passenger held in his hand: a chrome .45 caliber 1911.

The men exited the car and turned toward the back door where I was standing. I had kept all the lights off, so they didn’t see me. I ran in a panic to a bedroom, where an old Smith and Wesson model 10 was waiting.

I had only fired the handgun on a few occasions, and I didn’t put much stock in the weapon, because I just wasn’t any good with it. I had zero confidence with it, and since there were four guys and I only had six bullets (there certainly wouldn’t be time for a reload), I knew this six-shooter wasn’t going to save my life.

All I could think of was my family… my friends… all the people who I would never see again, and all the things I would never do in my life.

I had no idea who these guys were or why they were at my house with guns – and it didn’t matter. They were there. When I heard my back porch screen door open… and the knob to my kitchen start rattling, I began praying for some kind of miracle – and if no miracle would come, then at least for mercy, an easy death… and to have the chance to take out at least one of these guys who felt they had the authority to steal my life from me.

I used the phone in my room to call 911, and by the time I put the phone down to listen, and ready myself for a fight, the men had given up on the back door and moved around to the front of the house. I heard them on the front porch, near the window, testing the front door.

And then, my miracle arrived. They left. My house had been pitch dark except for the TV, and so they must have assumed nobody was home. I heard their car doors shut, and the car left the driveway. Not 5 minutes later, and my house was surrounded by four police cars.

Not everyone gets second chances – don’t leave anything up to chance.

I later learned that those men were looking for someone else, but that couldn’t make me forget the intensely pitiful, miserable feeling of sitting there completely outgunned and outnumbered… feeling like a cornered fox surrounded by hounds.

It reminded me of those headlines you see of people who were attacked… tied up… and even though they cooperated with their attackers… they were still killed.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is, it’s not enough to just own a handgun. And it’s not even enough to have it on you all the time. And even if self-defense is the furthest thing from your mind, owning a handgun without being able to drive tacks with it might as well be one of the 7 deadly sins.

But even if your handgun isn’t for self-defense, wouldn’t it be fantastic to be known by all your buddies as the best shot in your group? After all, there’s a lot of pride wrapped up into how well you can shoot a handgun!

So: How Do I Become a Master Marksman?

There are two false beliefs out there that have to be dropped like bad habits (literally) if you want to develop the abilities* of a master marksman.

At one end of the spectrum, you have people telling you that you’ve got to fire 5,000 rounds in order to develop the skills necessary to impress people at the range, and keep them safe in the streets. These same people then say that thousands more rounds fired per year are necessary to maintain that skill level.

But this is completely unrealistic. For one thing, that would amount to over $2,000 per year in ammunition costs, even if you were able to get your hands on cheap, 35 cent-per-round ammo… which is becoming almost impossible to do.

Who has that much money, let alone, time? Our country needs skilled marksmen more than ever, and the idea that you can’t become one unless you can scrape together a few grand per year for ammo is preposterous.

But at the other end of the spectrum, you’ve got people arguing that it’s not about how much ammo you fire- that it’s about how much time is dedicated to practice.

They say that you’ve got to put in several hours of practice per week in order to keep up your skills. Unfortunately, most of the people pushing this belief are professional trainers whose incomes depend on people eagerly taking and re-taking their classes.

I’ve got no problem with trainers – we need them – but very few people have time to dedicate their lives to staying good with their handguns. After all, as the old saying goes: we don’t live to bear arms- we bear arms to live. Our lives.. and our families.. and our jobs come first. Our handguns merely support us in those roles.

And the time we DO get to shoot our handguns should be spent enjoying punching out bulls eyes and impressing our friends, our families, and ourselves- not sweating over techniques, and getting frustrated and embarrassed because we can’t hit what we’re aiming at.

We Need To Completely Change The Way We Look At Handgun Shooting:

It’s far more beneficial to STOP looking at handgun shooting as something that needs to be constantly practiced… and instead, think of it more like riding a bicycle.

It’s always a good idea to keep any skill sharp, but it is very possible to learn to shoot a handgun the right wayone time… and then lock those skills permanently into your mind no matter how much time goes by*.

Imagine: Being able to pick your handgun up… even after 5 years without firing a shot – and shooting a quarter off a fence post at 45 feet*.

The first step to learning how to do this is learning exactly why shooting a handgun accurately is so difficult in the first place. Let’s take a look at the trigonometry of it all, even with a very short distance- 10 yards.

Now, with a long gun, this might as well be point-blanc range. You don’t even have to try to put each bullet through the same hole… but the reason it’s so much easier has NOTHING to do with the rifling in the barrel of a long gun, or the speed of the bullet, or any of those factors.

You see, a handgun is a tool of incredible precision… in the right hands.

I’ve witnessed professionals who can hit 12-inch steel gongs with factory GLOCK handguns at 200 yards!

There is only one reason shooting a handgun is more difficult than a rifle: and that is, barrel wiggle.

Rifles were designed around the human body, leveraging many dozens of skeletal support points in order to achieve an incredible level of stability, even when shooting from a free-hand position.

Handguns, on the other hand, were designed independently of the human body, often with the sole goal of size and form factor. Not only that, but they’re fired using the two least stable parts of our bodies: our hands.

So: how much barrel wiggle is too much?

Let’s say you’re shooting an average sized handgun with a 3.5 inch barrel… and you’re shooting at an average distance – say, 10 yards.

When you do the math, you can quickly see that even just 1/16th of an inch of barrel wiggle… which is barely detectable by the human eye… causes your bullets to shift away from their intended point of impact by 6 inches.

That means that even if you can’t see your barrel wiggling as you squeeze the trigger, your grouping at just 10 yards can be as wide as a 12 inch circle- and that is terrible accuracy, no matter who you are!

And if you’re shooting a gun with a stiff trigger – such as a double action revolver – it’s not uncommon to see barrel wiggle in the area of 1/8th of an inch. Even though 1/8th of an inch doesn’t look or feel like very much… that’s going to cause your bullets to land all over a 25 inch circle at 10 yards.

You’d be completely missing the target at that point!

And so that is the real secret to handgun accuracy success: In order to put bullet after bullet through the same hole at any reasonable pistol distance, all you’ve got to do is hold that pistol perfectly still while you fire it.

I know… that sounds overly simple on one hand, but on the other hand, it sounds impossible.

I assure you that perfect accuracy IS possible even with the shortest barreled handguns- simply lock a Ruger LCP in a pistol vise, and you’ll see that each bullet lands right on top of the one before it.

However: the human body is not a pistol vise… and we can’t possibly learn to be as still as a vise… can we?

Enter ‘Muscle Memory’ – the secret sauce behind any master shooter.

You’ve got to learn to hold that handgun perfectly still every time you pull the trigger- no ifs, ands, or buts. IF you want to drive tacks with your handgun, THEN you must learn to be as still as a vise.

I promise you- it IS possible, because myself and thousands of experts all around the world have already done so… and we’ve done so, using the concept of Muscle Memory.

You’ve probably heard all about muscle memory. It’s the mechanics inside your body that connect your brain and muscles, and allow them to perfectly re-create a series of actions… all without any conscious thought.

Think of something as simple as tying your shoe. You tie your shoes without a second thought- your body just does it. You don’t have to think, work, or even be awake – your body just does it- right?

That is muscle memory. The simple act of tying your shoe is an incredibly complex series of hand motions has been committed to your muscle memory.

The same is true for guitar players. If a person had to think about each chord’s finger placement, we’d still be listening to caveman music. Even the simplest songs would require an immense amount of concentration. But with muscle memory, people can play the guitar at incredibly fast tempos… while singing… while walking around on stage.

This is the concept of Muscle Memory, and it’s exactly how you’re going to learn to be as still as a vice*, and therefore:

Finally Achieve the Level of Handgun Accuracy That You’ve Never Thought Possible*.

The question then becomes- what do we practice?

The answer lies in the 7 Foundations of Handgun Accuracy. We’ve identified the 7 areas of a shooters’ body that need to be ingrained with the concept of muscle memory.

Once you understand muscle memory, you can then use the exact right amount of practice – while practicing the exact right series of motions – to drive the perfect stance and form into your automatic reflexes.


Through all of my time and experience in the self-defense and handgun accuracy ‘world’, I’ve developed a very specific, month-long training regimen for ingraining the perfect handgun shot directly into a person’s muscle memory*.

And it works regardless of how many bad habits a shooter has developed, or even if the shooter has no experience to begin with.

Now… there are three things that make my training regimen unique – three reasons why my Incredible Handgun Accuracy From the Ground Up program is making huge waves in the industry, and is causing thousands of people to become excellent marksmen*.

And those three reasons are…

1) My program is done from the comfort and security of your own home.

2) My program requires ZERO ammunition to be fired… and ZERO special tools or equipment (other than the handgun you want to get good with).

3) My program takes only 15 minutes per day for just one month to take the average shooter to 300% – 600% tighter groups on target. And most likely, if you stick with the program, you’ll be shooting quarters off of fence posts in just a couple months*.

Ours is the only Handgun Training program that’s done from the convenience and security of your own home, which first reveals to you the 7 critical foundations of handgun accuracy…

And then teaches you to program them into your instinctive reflexes, so that incredible handgun accuracy is an auto-pilot response for you, whether you’re on the range, in the field, or in a situation where your loved ones are depending on you to stop threats with your handgun*

Here’s how it works…

When you open your Incredible Handgun Accuracy from the Ground Up package, you’ll find both halves of this battle-tested system…

The first half of the program is a DVD called “The 7 Foundations of Handgun Accuracy: What Every Shooter Must Know To Achieve Expert Handgun Accuracy”…

This 70-minute program is going to teach you the 7 Foundations of Handgun Accuracy necessary to achieving the perfect shot every time you pull the trigger*.

In short, it’s going to teach you to use your entire body to fire your handgun- and to TRANSFORM your body into delivering vise-like accuracy, shot after shot*.

These are the 7 Foundations

of Handgun Accuracy:

…and perhaps most important of all:

You’ll always rest comfortably and confidently, knowing that you can pick up your handgun – no matter how long it’s been since you’ve practiced – and use it to impress your friends at the range, and possibly save your own life, or that of a loved one, on the street*.

The Foundations of Handgun Accuracy is a program that is simple to follow along with, and enjoyable to learn from.

It’ll be like having a favorite instructor right in your living room, letting you in on some of the most closely-guarded secrets of the pros who charge thousands for their multi-day training courses.

Are There Still Handgun Accuracy “Secrets”..?

> How thumb-position is critical to gripping your handgun…

> Why most people drastically over-think sight-alignment, and how/why
you won’t have to…

> How firmly you should be gripping your handgun, and why most people get this wrong…

> The mistakes most shooters make with their feet, and finally:

> How to shoot with both eyes open, WHILE keeping a clean sight picture.

Think of this first half of the program as “What You’ll Be Practicing, and Why.

And after you’ve finished this first half of our program, that’s when the real work can begin with Part 2:

Part 2 is what actually programs the perfect handgun shot directly into your brain and muscle memory,

So that every time you pull your trigger, whether it’s 2 months from now, or even 2 YEARS from now, you will hit exactly what you’re aiming at as a reflexive, auto-pilot response*

Part 2 is our ‘secret sauce’ that allows us to guarantee “30 Days to 300% Better Accuracy or Your Money

It’s a 15-minute per day follow-along program that guides you through our coveted in-home training exercise,

…Which will effortlessly program your body to be able to quickly and precisely fire one perfect shot after another*.

It takes everything you learned about the 7 Foundations of Handgun Accuracy, and packages it into an enjoyable, rhythmic, Muscle-Memory-Building training routine that you’ll do for just 15 minutes, 4 or 5 times per week, for one month. And we guarantee you that by the end of it, you will have done far more for your shooting ability than you would in any expensive training course*

Fast and Accuracy.

Your grouping will be 3 to 6 times tighter than before, and those groups will be punching out the bull’s-eye like never before, and you’ll be able to perform at this level of accuracy while shooting much more rapidly than you’ve probably ever thought possible.*

All you’ll need in order to follow part 2 of our program is your handgun and a computer or DVD player to watch the DVD Disc…

No special tools are needed – in fact, you won’t need to buy or use any ammunition, or even leave
the comfort and security of your own home. You’re probably wondering by now – how on earth is this possible?

It’s possible because you’ll be using another well-known technique called Dry-Fire Practice, where you don’t actually load any ammunition into your pistol.

Dry-Fire practice is as simple as checking and triple-checking that you have an unloaded, and safe handgun, then cocking it (or racking the slide), and squeezing the trigger on an empty chamber.

Now it used to be a widely circulated “old wives tale” that dry-fire could damage your handgun. Of course, now we all know now that this myth is completely unfounded for modern handguns, and that dry-fire practice is perfectly safe for virtually all modern handguns manufactured since the 1960s – and is even encouraged by firearms manufacturers…

Why do we Prefer this Unusual Method of Accuracy Training?

Now, here’s why our program leverages dry-fire practice so heavily…

One of the biggest benefits of dry-fire practice is the fact that while 15 minutes of live-fire practice costs about $40.00-$50.00, the same amount of dry-fire practice costs nothing

BUT: That’s actually NOT the reason why we are such BIG fans of it. Heck- even if it cost MORE to dry-fire, we’d STILL recommend it…!!! – Here’s the REAL reason why it’s so darn beneficial…

It’s a fact of human nature that shooting live rounds actually programs your mind to expect and anticipate the recoil of your pistol – no matter how often you shoot, or how little your pistol recoils…

And when this happens, you begin to do all sorts of things without realizing it, anticipating the recoil by flinching, jerking, dropping, pushing… and on and on…

But Dry-Fire practice has the complete opposite effect on your brain.

In fact, it programs your brain to NOT expect any sort of recoil, loud noise, or anything at all.

The result is that with enough dry-fire practice, you completely drop most bad habits and reactions which all DECREASE your ability to shoot a handgun well… you stop flinching, pulling, jerking, anticipating, and so on.

And since you can dry-fire FAR more than you’ll ever live-fire, your brain will stay locked in that state of “expecting no recoil” any time you fire a shot – and provided you’re following the 7 Foundations of Handgun Accuracy, you’ll begin to notice your handgun accuracy getting tighter, and tighter, and tighter*.

The more you dry-fire practice, the more accurate you get*.

And that is why most of the pros go as far as recommending that we “shoot” at least two dry-fired rounds for every one live-round we fire.

And so with Part 2 of our program, we combine the incredible technique of Dry-Fire practice, with our special program for ingraining our 7 Handgun Accuracy Principals into your auto-pilot reflexes.

And it’s not difficult- doing the 15 minute Dry-Fire Training Program will almost seem too easy as the steps fall into place, one after the other.

Remember: Shooting your handgun accurately isn’t hard – you just have to use the right fineness and technique, so that you become like a vise. Our program not only makes this possible, but it’s the easiest, most effective way to ingrain all the correct habits into your head*

Following our program for one month, you’ll develop the stance, positioning, sight-alignment, and trigger-pull of a true professional*.

And as an unexpected benefit, if your pistol is used for concealed carry or self-defense, we’ll be showing you how you can add a few more steps to our dry-fire training exercise. We’ll guide you through using muscle memory to ingrain into your auto-pilot a few critical maneuvers that can help survive a violent encounter – which includes drawing and reacting while moving…

And we’ll also discuss the importance of committing your draw-stroke to muscle memory, and perhaps most importantly, we’ll discuss what NOT to commit to your muscle memory.

Now, there are two more freebies that I’ve put inside this program solely for the purpose of helping you.

The first is a 5 minute exercise program that I’ve put together to help you develop upper body strength. You see, during the chapter on upper-body stance, we talk about how beneficial upper body strength is to handgun accuracy.

Now, you probably have all the upper body strength anyone would ever need – but in case it’s something you would like to work on, I’ve created a nice program that you can follow along with using two dumbbells, to work the muscles most beneficial to handgun accuracy.

Now for the second free bonus.

You see, I’m also involved with The Carpal Tunnel Institute, where I help people, through physical therapy, overcome Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Carpal Tunnel is a big problem in the world, because doctors always resort immediately to surgery, but that’s almost always just a temporary band aid.

Well anyway, a couple years ago I created a 25 minute video program that guides the user through 20 exercises and stretches for your wrists, which all work together and can help relieve and remove the constricted and inflamed connective tissues in your wrist which can Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

This program alone sells for $47 each, but you get it for free. I’ve added the 25 minute program to the ‘bonus content’ section of disc 2, so just in case you, or someone you know has to deal with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, you’ll have our program forever.

What Would Flawless Accuracy Be Worth To You?

Okay, so getting back to handgun accuracy, we all know that shooting handguns can get expensive…

The gun is expensive, the ammunition is expensive, and the cost of training is astronomical – from $250 for a very cheap, low end course, up to several thousand dollars for a course taught by a real professional…

However: Even in these $2,600 handgun accuracy courses, you’re still just one of a dozen students, and you’ll rarely get the personal attention of the trainer, and in these situations – if you can’t keep up with the rest of the class, they just move on without you.

Not to mention, most of these classes demand that you bring about 1,000 rounds of ammunition to them, which would cost about $600 depending on which caliber you shoot…

…and that is IF you can even find the ammunition. And I don’t know about you… But shooting up my precious ammo is the last thing I want to do right now. If I can train and get good WITHOUT going through my precious supply- then I’m going to save it!

And since you’ll be gaining far more skill, ability, and confidence with our program without wasting a single round of ammunition

That makes our 2-part system well worth its traditional price-tag of $147, which is roughly the cost of 5 boxes of ammo, some targets, and an hour of range time.

And even though it teaches lifelong skills worth far more than even that price tag, you won’t be paying anywhere near that amount today, even with all the freebies.

And not only will your investment be a lot less than that today….

We’re actually going to put our money where our mouths are and personally guarantee the investment you make in our program: from me to you, one handgun shooter to another…

And we’ll do it using our 60-day 100% Refund Guarantee. Here’s how it works:

Now it’s not a requirement, but before you start our program, we’d like you to head to the range, and fire 6 or 10 rounds at a target of your choosing, as accurately as you can. And then, tuck that target away someplace safe.

And then, after following our program for at least 30 days, we’d like you to go back to the range, and shoot 6 or 10 more rounds – this time without even warming up. Now, here’s our guarantee:

If your new grouping isn’t at least 3 times better than your first one, then all you have to do is mail your two targets and your copy of our program back to us here at Instant Accuracy, LLC,

And we’ll put 100% of your purchase price – your entire investment – right back on your credit card or mail it to you in a check- whichever you prefer. THAT’s how confident that our program is going to work for you.

Could I get taken advantage of with this guarantee? Of course.

Yet, after all these years, meeting thousands of fellow handgun enthusiasts and concealed carriers, I’ve learned one incredible truth:

The kinds of people who dedicate their time and energy to a pursuit as noble as becoming skilled with their handguns are the cream of the crop among our fellow American citizens. In fact, in all these years, I’ve never met a single one of my countrymen who owned and kept or carried a handgun to whom I didn’t feel an instant connection – a bond of camaraderie…

For that reason… and frankly, because I believe our country NEEDS good folks like you to be well and responsibly armed… Your investment today will NOT be the regular price of $147

Your investment today – as part of our seasonal, patriotic special – will be just $97 for the whole program- the cost of just three or four boxes of practice ammunition.)

Even though that amount isn’t even a hundredth of the cost of ammunition normally needed to achieve this level of accuracy, I understand that it might be more convenient for you to break your payment up into two installments. That’s going to make sure that nothing stands in the way of you gaining this incredible skill, and having it for the rest of your life. I’ll show you how to make this investment in just a moment. The bottom line is, we want to empower YOU with these skills, which are critical to the Safety and Freedom of our families and communities.

Now… One last thing: given the political climate that we’re now living in, I don’t know how long it’ll even be legal for us to offer our program… So please: if you depend on your handgun in any way, shape, or form…

Don’t let this become another “If only I’d have known” regret.

If not now… When?

Ammo is NOT getting cheaper, and it’s NOT getting more plentiful. Many industry leaders predict that it’ll be YEARS before the supply catches up with the demand, and they’re not sure if prices will EVER come down – even then.

So take action today.

I’m going to throw in a big perk for those resolute citizens looking to get prepared TODAY

Order right now, and I’ll throw in free, first-class shipping. That takes ALL the risk away from you trying “INCREDIBLE ACCURACY FROM THE GROUND UP”.

Okay: Now Is Your Chance. Use the button below to place your order, and make this investment into you and your skillset today.

You may use the orange button to save 12% and pay all at once, or the blue button beneath that, where you can use to break your investment up into two bite-sized installments of $54 each. If you choose this option, you’ll pay one installment now, and the other in exactly 30 days.

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You’ll be billed for an investment of exactly $97 and not a penny more OR for $54 now, and a final installment of $54 in 30 days if you choose to go that route.

After you order, you’ll instantly receive your receipt through email. This contains all of our contact information, in case you need to get in touch with us for any reason.

And when your order is shipped, you’ll receive another email that will contain a tracking number, so you can know for certain when your package will arrive.

If you’re inside the US, you can expect your package in as few as 3 – 5 business days.

If you’d prefer to pay with a check, you can simply mail it to:
Instant Accuracy, LLC
P.O. Box 2677
Grand Rapids, MI 49501

And you’ll receive both halves of our coveted Incredible Handgun Accuracy from the Ground Up package:

The first half, The Foundations of Handgun Accuracy, will teach you the 7 Foundations of Handgun Accuracy, as well as helping you to eliminate any previously established bad habits that you may already have acquired*

The second half, our Dry Fire Training Program, is a 15-minute exercise routine that you’ll follow 5 times per week for just one month according to the schedule which you’ll find printed on the inside of your DVD case. That second half is going to ingrain everything you learned from the first DVD directly into your Muscle Memory

So that firing one accurate shot after another with your handgun is an automatic reflex that your body executes without even thinking*.

Because as any professional soldier or police officer will tell you: In your moment of truth, if you have to think, you won’t stand a chance…

That’s because thinking means hesitation, and hesitation means your attacker has the critical advantage on you that he needs to defeat you.

Our program ensures that you won’t have to think, if you ever find yourself in a situation where your loved ones are depending on you and your handgun for survival*

Also, don’t forget about the bonus content that I’ve included on this program – which is accessible from the DVD menu on both discs.

The first piece of bonus content is a short workout program designed specifically to help you develop upper body strength in the areas of your body most critical to handgun accuracy…

The second is the complete 25 minute stretch and exercise program designed to help keep your wrists healthy.

It’s called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Solution, and the Carpal Tunnel Institute sells about 12,000 copies of this disc per year for almost $50.

But you get it for free along with your copy of Incredible Handgun Accuracy: From the Ground Up.

So look below this video right now, and click on that big, orange, “Add to Cart” button to get started with your purchase…

Okay… now is the time to choose.

Don’t you owe it to yourself, and to your loved ones, to do as much as you can to ensure that you could protect them if you needed to?

Incredible Handgun Accuracy from the Ground Up not only makes it possible to learn these skills – it makes it easy, fun, and fast*.

And with our 60-day 100% Guarantee and free shipping, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

While you’re placing your order, let me demonstrate just how powerful the basic principle of Muscle Memory is: The idea of programming an action into your body’s natural reflexes…

This is a true story from WW2 – the fight in the Pacific against the Japanese.

An American journalist was on patrol with a small squad of US Marines when they came under fire from a Japanese ambush. The journalist dove for cover just as a machine gun team of two marines began returning fire with their browning M1918 machine gun.

As the journalist looked up at these two men courageously returning fire at their enemies, the Marine on the trigger was tragically struck by a bullet, resulting in an almost instantly fatal head wound.

Well, as this marine’s body fell away from the machine gun, the journalist saw his left arm fly up, slapping the assistant-gunner on the back of the helmet…

…Which was the signal all machine gunners used to tell their assistant gunners that they were stepping away from their gun.

Can you believe that?

Even though this poor, brave US Marine had suffered massive, instantly fatal head trauma from a Japanese bullet, his body’s muscle memory was SO POWERFUL that his body Did Its Job

That is how muscle memory works, and that is exactly the level of pure instinctive ability that our Incredible Handgun Accuracy from the Ground Up program is going to give YOU.

But only if you stand up and make this decision to invest in yourself today.

The time to give yourself and your loved ones this gift of safety and security has arrived.
And I promise you, our program is by far the most cost effective way to give them these two necessary gifts*.

They will thank you for them, and they’ll be proud of you when they see these skills of yours in action.

After all, isn’t that your most important, most basic duty to your loved ones? To make sure that you’re as competent and proficient as possible at keeping them safe?

As armed citizens, we can either be prepared or we can be victims of our hesitation…

Now, if you choose to be prepared you can either try our program now and know that in 60 days you’ll have the skill you need* or you’ll have your money back…

Or you can spend five, or even ten times the price on ammunition and perhaps only end up turning bad habits into bad instincts, making critical errors a part of your instinctive handling of your gun.

The Incredible Handgun Accuracy from the Ground Up package works with all handguns, pistols, and revolvers, and it works for all shooters*

Using the potent Muscle Memory Technique, you’re going to actually imprint the 7 Foundations of Handgun Accuracy directly into your brain – so that your body performs them automatically with ZERO traces of delay or hesitation*

Having these 7 foundations ingrained into your muscle memory is going to make firing perfect shots every time you pull the trigger an automatic reflex*.

And the reason it can work so well – and yet seem so easy – lies directly in the simplicity of an age-old truth known to the professionals of virtually every physical sport and activity:

The powerful truth of Muscle Memory.

Studies have shown that it takes only 350-500 repetitions of a series of actions to burn them permanently into your muscle memory – and that’s what our program does for you…

And the more you follow along with it, the more accurate your shots will become – and the faster you’ll be able to squeeze off these highly accurate shots*

Okay… Thank you so much for your time… Good luck, and good shooting.

– Patrick Kilchermann